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East Dragons Football Player and Parent Expectations
Page Created By: Coach Hayes Date : 6/14/2015






Player & Parent Expectations Handbook


Welcome to the East CLC  Football Family!


Enclosed in this handbook is the information that will help you prepare for your involvement with the East Dragons football program. While it would be very challenging to cover every situation, we have tried to create a reference for you in preparation for the season. We are excited about the future and direction of our program. Please refer to our website (www.eastdragonsfootball.com) regularly as some of the data in this packet is yet to be finalized.


 If you have any questions please feel free to contact Coach Hayes (mhayes@apslearns.org)



E- Excellence  (What we Strive for)

A-      Attitude   (Our Character Defines US!)

   S- Strength (Mentally & Physically)

     T- Teamwork ( The Only way we WIN)







Dear Parents/Guardian


Welcome to what should serve as a positive and exciting experience for your Student Athlete. We, the coaching staff of the East Dragons Football Program have put together an expectations package for you in the hopes of helping you to better understand the program with which your child is involved. Our goal is to produce fine people first and good football players second, as football is an excellent tool for teaching fundamental and important life skills.


This handbook is a look into what the East football coaching staff deems to be the important facets of our football program.High school football should be a positive, memorable experience for all involved. Coaches’ goals are to provide players the opportunity to be the best football player they can be. We intend to teach the game of football, instill discipline, encourage classroom success, prepare players through weight training and off-season conditioning, and build UNITY through hard work and commitment to a common goal of a successful football season. In order to be successful, everyone involved should realize that a positive attitude is a must. Very few things in life worthwhile come easily. Hard times require a positive outlook and attitude to continue striving to improve. Our motto revolves around everyone making a great effort to get better every day for the good of the TEAM. A player’s level of improvement is directly related to the amount of effort put forth in each activity the team undertakes. We, as coaches, expect players to give great effort in everything we instruct players to do. While expecting great effort from players, coaches expect great effort from each other as well. It would be unfair for the coaches to expect more of a player than the coach is willing to give himself. In order for all to understand their role, everyone involved should realize the concept of "Team Before Self". Coaches will show a genuine interest in the well being and concerns of each player as an individual, however; coaches, players, parents and administrators cannot put their interests before the teams’ best interest. As coaches, we  will emphasize the importance of player accountability. It is expected that players will be individually responsible for their actions and day-to-day choices.Everyone should remember, "Playing football is a privilege, not a right". There is no room for special privileges on a team. Everyone is expected to abide by the same standards and serve the same punishment when they do not. In the event an individual player becomes a hindrance to the teams’ goals, that player will be removed.


The East Dragons Football Program demands a lot of time from our student athletes and we do not tolerate absences or lateness for our practices, games or other scheduled events. There is a lot to learn in a relatively short amount of time so good attendance helps both the player and the team. We need you to support us in this effort and make sure that your child is available for the scheduled practices, games and other events such as team building and fundraising.


Thank you for allowing your child to be a part of our program.Together we will have a lot of fun while working hard towards our goals.



Coach Hayes


Program Philosophy

As Vince Lombardi said, “Winning isn’t everything, but striving to win is”. This is the foundation of  East Dragons football philosophy. Football is demanding. It is a sport of discipline and will, requiring commitment and hard work. It takes a dedicated athlete. Football is not for everyone. However,playing football will give back to you far more than it will demand.


Football provides a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride. It fosters confidence, courage, and cultivates lifelong friendships. Being a football player is a state of mind, and it is an honor that only a few share. Although winning is always an objective and is important, we believe in, and work toward, what Vince Lombardi said, “The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender”. At the beginning of each season, players should make a commitment to strive for victory.


“How can I make the team better?” should be the question regularly asked throughout the season. Hard work, discipline, commitment, and sportsmanship are imperative. They are how we define a successful season and football program.


Being a committed member of the East Dragons football Program translates directly to behaving as a responsible member of  East CLC and the community. We must always remember whom we represent. Each player and player’s parents/guardians must sign the Player/Parent Contract, created by the East Dragons Football Staff, located at the back of this handbook.




It is a privilege to be a member of this football squad and to be an East Dragon. The time, effort, and energy we all spend in making our program a success is based on a strong conviction that football and an education will provide some of your greatest values and most rewarding moments. Take pride in everything you do as part of our program, for in football as in life, the success you enjoy will result from the effort you are willing to give to be a winner. East Dragons Football has committed to PRIDE and EXCELLENCE. Remember the players who came before you every time you walk into the locker room, weight room, step on the field, or wear an East Dragons Football uniform. Remember you are setting the example for those who will follow in your footsteps. You are an East Dragon all the time and forever.




Junior Varsity Football

Program Alignment


Purpose:            Teach players the intermediate rules of high school football and the strategies of  East football.


Emphasis:         Prepare the players, both mentally and physically, for varsity football. Winning JV games is not an emphasis. ( But JV Players are also expected to Strive for Excellence)


The largest difference between a Junior Varsity player and a Varsity player is their aggressiveness. Junior Varsity players tend to be more timid for one of two reasons:


(1)  they do not understand the game and they play confused or,

(2)  they do not have the size, strength, and agility to play aggressively.


The focus of JV football is to overcome these shortcomings and develop players that are ready for Varsity.


Weight room: Develop strength, agility, quickness, and endurance through a structured lifting, agility, and conditioning program designed to make the players bigger, faster, and stronger. This will allow players to meet the physical demands of playing high school football.

Increasing the strength, speed, and agility of the JV players will improve their ability to prepare for varsity.




Varsity Football


Purpose:            Teach players the advanced rules of high school football and the strategies of East football.


Emphasis:         Win games by fielding the best team of players possible, who are both mentally and physically prepared to play football at the varsity level. Prepare potential college athletes for the collegiate level.


Weight room: Continue to improve strength, agility, quickness, and endurance to physically dominate opponents.


Cut Policy

With the consolidation of Freshmen and JV Football, it will be East Dragons Football procedure not to cut players . While the coaching staff would like to keep all athletes interested, players sometimes lack the basic skills or proper attitude to help build a strong program. It is very difficult for coaches and players alike, when a player is cut. Whenever possible, coaches will not cut players.  When determining what players will earn starting positions, the coaching staff will look for the following:

§§     Skill level

§§     Attitude

§§     Effort and Coachability

§§     Aggressiveness

§§     Intelligence/Field Sense

§§     Commitment



Leadership Council

A leadership council will be implemented, and much like its collegiate and professional counterparts, this council will help East Dragons Football program grow from within by putting the student-athletes at the forefront of many team decisions.  It gives the players a chance to lead by example and help shape the overall culture of the program. Their feedback is truly valued by the coaching staff. Students will be taught how to deal with issues concerning their fellow teammates while also developing a strong working relationship with their coaches. This dual investment, made by the coaches and the players, creates greater trust and accountability on both ends, and fosters a better working environment overall. Through the leadership council, the head coach will give the most committed players on the team, as selected by the coaching staff, the right to determine how issues pertaining to player interaction, from uniform selection to disciplinary procedures, are handled. The leadership council will consist of players from all grades regardless of position or location on the depth chart.



Physical  Paperwork

All players must have an updated physical exam on file with the school in order to participate in games and/or practices. 


Expectations of Our Coaching Staff

Be a positive role model. Carry yourself in a professional manner at all times, on the field and in the community. Players and community members are always watching, as a representative of theprogram your actions will reflect on everyone, not just yourself. Make sure your interactions on the field reflect how you would want your own child to be treated.


Coach every player. They won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. We will coach players to help prepare them to achieve their greatest potential. Each player is putting in the time and effort to make the team better and it is the responsibility of the coach to help him improve his skills.


Communicate. A football program consists of many parts, it is important that everyone works hard to stay on the same page. All coaches should make sure to work together to stay informed of what is going on with players, scheme, and the program in general. Coaches should also strive to ensure the players understand the material being presented in practice and be approachable if a player wants to talk.


Commitment. We ask our players to invest a lot of time into our program and therefore the same commitment is needed from each coach. In turn, the program will try to place a priority on using time wisely during meetings, practices, and team activities.



Communication to Parents

The East Dragons Football Staff will make every attempt to keep our players and their parents/guardians up to date on football program issues and events.


We have a couple different ways of communicating with parents and players.  Parents and players can email me at the email address below, or players and parents can sign up as fans on our  website and be alerted of announcements, players and parents can also email me through our website which is below, along with phone calls.


·        Email at mhayes@apslearns.org


·        Please refer to the website regularly. Significant information is available including game schedules, rosters, meetings, training schedules etc. The web address is www.eastdragonsfootball.com.



Player Expectations

We will operate the East Dragons Football Program in accordance with the rules, regulations, and policies as outlined by the OHSAA, and the administrative policies of East CLC. Within that framework we will provide a football program of the highest quality that meets the needs of our students, alumni, school and community.


As Head Coach, I believe that our football program provides a vital link between the school and the community. Student, parental, alumni, and community involvement in our program helps to enhance school spirit, develop sound minds and bodies, and develop skills and qualities which endure for life.


As a general rule, all players are to conduct themselves with class and dignity, both on and off the field. Your behavior is a direct reflection of our school and football program. Any actions that will embarrass you, your team, school, or parents is an action that should not be taken.


All players in this program will recognize and respect the authority of all coaches, teachers, administrators, and support staff members or they will not be a part of the team.


Any violation of one or more of the rules covered in this handbook is an indication that this football program, and being a part of it, is not important to you. Any violation will be dealt with accordingly, ranging from Pride Reminders (PR) to dismissal from the team. Those who work hard and adhere to these policies are showing that being part of this team is important and will be rewarded with success,satisfaction, and wins.



All players are expected to be present and on time to practice.

1.      Any player who is late to practice will be held after practice to make up for the time they missed – (Opportunities)

2.      Any player who misses practice without notifying Coach Hayes in person or by email ahead of time will be dealt with accordingly.

a.       1st Unexcused absence = miss game time at Coach’s discretion (i.e. miss 1st quarter of the


b.       2nd Unexcused absence = 1 game suspension

c.       3rd Unexcused absence = possible removal from team

3.     In the case of an unforeseen emergency, parent must contact Coach Hayes.

4.     All illness and sickness absences need to have a prior approval or doctor’s excuse upon returning to practice to determine excused or unexcused. This does not mean that any time a player is sick or ill they need to go to the doctor, but any major illness and sickness that causes players to miss practice should seek treatment. Not feeling good is not an excused absence.

5.     Any absence, regardless of excused or unexcused, will require conditioning to be made up upon returning to practice. (This does not include players injured, determined by the trainer or medical professional, but are in attendance for practice)

6.      The East Athletic Dept. policy states that an athlete must be at school for the entirety of 4 class periods to be eligible for practice or games on that day.

7.      Any circumstances (Dr. visit, Dentist, etc.) that would be excused may ONLY be excused through the East administration.


Inclement Weather

When a practice is scheduled we will do something as a team regardless of the weather (obviously, extreme occurrences such as a hurricanes provide exceptions) so practice will always be on.

When a situation arises where we have inclement weather (i.e. lightning) we will do one of the following:

1.     Move practice to the gymnasium

2.     Watch film and wait out the weather for an opportunity to go back outside

3.     Go to weight room and wait out the weather

In a situation where we go inside to wait out the weather practice will end at the scheduled time.




You are expected to be a student first and an athlete second. Treat yourself with proper respect. To be a member of this team, you must attend class regularly, and achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0. Athletes with a GPA of 1.4 -1.99 will have mandatory study table. Poor behavior and low achievement make all of us look bad.


The academic progress of all team members will be monitored throughout the school year.



School Suspensions

Suspension dictates that the student shall not be allowed to attend his/her regular classes or school- sponsored activities for a prescribed number of days and shall be declared ineligible (practices or contests) for the period of the suspension (including weekends and holidays). Suspensions begin with the conclusion of school on the day of the suspension until the start of school the day the student returns from the suspension.


A second suspension within a competitive season could result in ineligibility for the remainder of the season in the case of athletics.


Any player suspended from school will receive the following consequences.

1.     1st Suspension = Coach’s discretion based on the infraction (i.e. 1 game suspension)

2.     2nd Suspension (different incidents of being suspended from school) = Possible Removal from the team




No player will ever be ridiculed by another player either in the locker room, training rooms or on the field. The Junior Varsity players will be respected by the Varsity team, and vice versa.



Locker Room

The locker room floor will be free of trash and equipment that does not belong there.


Drugs and Alcohol Use

The use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco will not be tolerated. The use of these products is damaging to your health and to the image of our football team. The possession or use of drugs or alcohol during schooland/or football activities will result in dismissal from the team.



Equipment Care

All playersmust have regard for the equipment. Equipmentcare is very essential in maintaining good quality equipment for you and others to use while participating with the EHS football team. The average cost of outfitting you with essential and proper fittingsafety gear is around $700.00per student/athlete. The costs continue to rise each and every year, so it is necessary for you, as the borrower,to take full responsibility for your equipment care. We only require players to purchase their own cleats. Everything else will be loaned to the athletes so we need to follow some simple maintenance steps for your borrowed equipment throughout the year:


·        Helmet: Cost $260.00 and up

This is not a device made to use as a weapon. The use of the helmet other than a safety device is strictly prohibited:

üü Inspect facemask screwsweekly.

üü Inspect chinstrap screwsweekly.

üü Inspect chinstrap bucklesweekly.

üü Wipe down your helmet weekly (inside& out) with a damp cloth.


·        Shoulder Pads: Cost $200.00 and up

üü Inspect all straps,strings, & clipsweekly.

üü Tape all your straps after proper clip adjustment has been received.

üü Wash the moldedplastic with a damp cloth.

üü Clean ShoulderPads on a regular basis with boiled water and a disinfectant


·        Pants, Girdle, Belt, & Practice Jersey

üü Wash them regularly to keep them from stinking, staining and housingbacteria.


·        Hip Pads, Thigh Pads, Knee Pads & Tail Pads

üü Wipe these down with a damp cloth.


·        LOCKS on Lockers

üü All players are required to have a lock on their locker in the locker room in order to maintain the safety of their equipment

üü If a player loses any piece of equipment then they are responsible for the cost of replacing it new!!


Players need to report any faulty equipment to Coach Hayes.


Weight Room Requirement

All Football players will be required to participate in a weight-training program during the season. The purpose of this strength training is to prevent injury, maintain strength level, and to improve strength.

Since one of the purposes in strength training for football is to help avoid injuries, the need to maintain all such development actually increases as the season goes on. The loss of this strength could increase the chance of injury. All players who plan to play football next year are expected to be working out with the team in the off-season. The coaches will be giving awards for weight room attendance and achievement.



Winter Workouts

It is cliché, but championships are won during the off-season. Your football team is built December through July, not August though November. We will have off-season workouts during the school year after our regularseason. These workoutschedules will be posted on the website.They will includeweight training, flexibility training and speed work. Participation is very strongly encouraged. Attendance will be taken for the team’s records. Football is a contact sport and therefore it is very physical. Physical conditioning is very important to help prevent injuries and enable the East football team to compete at the High School level. It also provides players the opportunity to develop and maintain friendships with their teammates and build team spirit and camaraderie.





Summer Workouts

The summer is a time to get a jumpstart on our season. The amount of work you put in during the summer will largely determine the amount of success you have in the fall. Summer workouts  are a necessity for a successful season. 7 on 7’s and summer conditioning sessions are put together in order to provide for a better season. It is your goal to make 90% of summer workouts. Our objective this summer is to get better each day and enjoy ourselves. When you are going out of town or on vacation, let coach know BEFOREyou leave. Be responsible and communicate with him. BE COMMITTED to your team and its goals. You are now a member of the team, and you are now willing to make individual sacrifices for the good of the whole.


Injuries and Health Concerns

Any player who is injured and not participating in practice will spend part of practice (as determined by coaches and trainer) performing physical activity and part of practice getting ‘mental reps’ by analyzing practice.



Team Meals

Pre-game meals are a privilege East High School. It is an honor to attend, and should be realized by all players. A great many people put forward a tremendous amount of work to provide our meals. Take PRIDE in that and be thankful.


You may speak in a low voice while at the team meal. But no horseplay will be tolerated. If your actions take away from our team's focus, you will be asked to leave. The parents and supporters who give us the team meals are not your butlers and maids. Show your appreciation by acting polite and always disposing of your trash property. Thank our supporters as you leave.




Try to stay away from soda, fast food, fatty foods, fried foods, and sweets. Pasta, breads, meat, fruits and vegetables, and milk are preferred. Drink lots of water. On game days do not consume soda and candy. Think healthy. The better you eat, the more energy you will have and you will feel and play better. It is also very important to get at least eight hours sleep per night.


Parent Expectations

Be positive with your athlete. Let them know you are proud they are part of the team. Focus on the benefits of teamwork and personal discipline.

Encourage your athlete to follow all training rules. Help the coaches build a commitment to the team.

Set a good example in your personal lifestyle.

Allow your athlete to perform and progress at a level consistent with his ability. Athletes mature at different ages; some are more gifted than others.

Always support the coaching staff when controversial decisions are made. The coaches need your backing to keep good morale on the team.

Insist on positive behavior in school and a high level of performance in the classroom. Numerous studies indicate extracurricular involvement helps enhance academic performance.

Cheer for our team and players. Opponents and referees deserve respect. Realize that high schoolplayers will make mistakes. Your support is needed during tough times.


Promote having fun and being a team player. Very few high school athletes receive scholarships.

Concentrate on what is best for the team. Preoccupation with statistics can be very distracting.

An athlete's self-confidence and self-image will be improvedby support at home. Comparison to others is discouraged. Encourage the athlete to do their best regardless of family or friends who may have been outstanding players.

Winning is fun, but building positive team values is most important. The concept of working together to perform a task will have lasting benefits. Winning takes place when all the little things are done correctly.

Athletes must attend all practices, games and team events. Stress the necessity to make a commitment to the team.

Emphasize the importance of well-balanced meals and regular sleep patterns. An athlete functions best when care is taken to consume nutritious food and obtain sufficient rest.

Persistence and being able to accept a role is extremely important for the team to be successful. Not everyone will be a starter, but everyone is important to the team. Some players may not develop until their senior season. Encourage them to be persistent.


Parent Code of Conduct

I will enjoy my child’s opportunity to experience the benefits of playing high school football. I will trust in my child’s ability to have fun and to perform and achieve excellence on his own.

I will help my child learn the right lessons from winning, losing, individual achievement, and mistakes. I will respect my child’s teammates as well as fellow parents and fans.

I will give encouragement and applaud only positive accomplishments whether from my child or his teammates.

I will support the efforts of the coaching staff.

I will not instruct from the sidelines unless asked to by the coach.

I will ensure that my child will attend all practices and games and will inform the coach in advance if unable to attend.

I will respect all facilities made available to my child.

I will respect the equipment and uniform loaned to my child for practice and play. I will respect the officials and their authority during games.

I will never demonstrate threatening or abusive behavior.



Communication Process

Coaches have the authority over who becomes a participant of the team and when the participant plays or is removed from the team. The coaching staff determines coaching strategy. Acceptance of a position on the team includes acceptance of this policy. Therefore, these issues are not appropriate topics for parent involvement and discussions with coaches is discouraged. It is NEVER acceptable for a parent to attempt to discuss playing time with a coach during a game or practice. It is also NEVER acceptable for a parent to attempt to discuss the performance or playing time of another participant.


Head Coach, athlete, and/or parent meetings may help to resolve OTHER issues creating concern or dissatisfaction. Such meetings MUST be scheduled beforehand and will be on campus. Any meeting with a parent may also include an assistant coach, trainer, or an administrator.



Parents Attending Practice

All practices are open to parents unless otherwise notified. However, it is prudent for parents to stay off the field and not communicate with any players or coaches. The time allocated for practice is short and all attention needs to be on practice.


Due to the intense focus and nature of teaching required in the film room, only players and coaches will be allowed to attend film sessions and team meetings.  Also, due to limited space parents will not be able to go into the weight room when the team is lifting. However, when the team is doing drills in the gym parents are welcomed to sit in and observe.



Football: More Than Just A Game

Teamwork – The ability to work with others is extremely important in today’s world.

Commitment – Players must be at all practices and follow team rules.

Work Ethic – Peak physical condition can only be attained through hard work.

Pride in Performance – A feeling of accomplishment is realized through persistent application of effort.

Friendships – Lifetime relationships are developed through participation in sports.

Achievement – Players represent their communities, schools, and families. A feeling of togetherness is experienced.

Enthusiasm – In order to be successful, both football and life must be approached with enthusiasm.

Persistence – One learns to get up and go again after being knocked down.

Confidence – Self-esteem is enhanced through a series ofachievements. Athletic Ability – The skills essential for football are valuable in other sports. Have Fun! – Football is fun to play and exciting to watch.

Identity – The team provides all participants with a sense of belonging.

Courage – Performance under pressure helps conquer fear.

Challenges – Participants learn how to overcome obstacles to success.

Better Grades – Numerous studies indicate students active in school activities perform better in the classroom.

Responsibility – The game of football holds individuals accountable for their actions.

Success in Life – According to the American College Testing Service, participating in high school activities is a major indicator of success later in life.













2017-18 Player/Parent Contract

(Submission required for participation)




I,                                                         (player), and                                                          (parent/guardian), have read the 2017-18 East Dragons Football Player & Parent Expectations Handbook. By signing below, we acknowledge that we understand its contents and agree to the terms of the handbook. We understand the guidelines for attendance, punctuality, playing time, etc. We will do our best to work together to provide a positive experience. We are aware of the commitment it takes to be a part of the East Dragons Football Program and are aware that all decisions that are made are for the betterment of the TEAM.


It is a privilege to play football at East CLC, NOT a right!








Athlete                                                                       Date








Parent/Guardian                                                        Date

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